How the World’s #1 Cash Game Player Has Changed His Strategy

What’s LLinusLLove been beating the matches for the past couple of decades?

Is he simply implementing”GTO” approaches far better compared to his competitors are? Is he simply an exploitative players that has discovered a couple of tactics to exploit the matches he is playingwith?

These will be the queries Alex”Kanu7″ Millar intends to reply within his Play Like LLinus class .

In the modern essay, we’ll find a glimpse at the responses while focusing on the way LLinus’ c-betting strategy on monotone flops has changed in the past few years.

How Did LLinus Approach Monotone Boards in the Past?

Alex starts the video by going over LLinus’ stats on monotone flops prior to December 31st, 2017, that will be about the time his chart takes off.

In the 510 hand sample, LLinus c-bet 72.4percent of their time monotone flops. This really is quite somewhat more compared to ~50 percent c-bet frequency Alex advocated in the past sections of the sequence.

It’ll be intriguing to see whether this stays around to LLinus’ more recent stats, but before we look at those, let’s look at the bet sizes he used on monotone flops.

LLinus was betting under half pot most of the time, but he mixed in some larger sizes as well. Again, this differs from Alex’s advice in previous parts.

Now, let’s see how all of this has changed since 2018.

How Has LLinus Approached Monotone Boards Recently?

Fortunately, LLinus’ recent plan on monotone flops is rather like what you have heard from Alex in preceding components. Here’s a listing of this 142 hand sample:

LLinus’ flop c-bet percentage has gone down to 59.9% on monotone flops.
He’s now betting under half pot 92.9% of the time, the majority of which were between 20% and 30% pot.

It’s good to see that LLinus’ c-betting approach lines up nicely with what Alex teaches in his path along with what he advocated in the last parts in this sequence.

It’s also excellent to understand that LLinus has obviously been focusing on this component of the game. That usually means the strategies you have heard during this series are not something people knew 5 or 3 decades back, and you may be the sole participant making these alterations on your matches. To know more information click ID PRO PKV GAMES